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27 Feb 5 Best Plug In Electric Fireplace Inserts to Accent Your Home
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Few things define ambience quite like a fireplace in a room. These days, though, the idea of a gas or wood burning fireplace just isn’t an attractive one to most people, even if their homes are equipped with a traditional fireplace.Between the environmental impact on the world around us and the problematic indoor air quality these traditional o..
13 Feb Different Types of Electric Plug In Fireplaces to Use in Your Home
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A beautiful fireplace can be the center of almost any room, and now more than ever, people are turning to electric plug in fireplace options to truly transform their rooms. It’s easy to see why, too. With many luxury options available today that help combine modern technology with classic beauty, the best electric firep..
02 Feb 5 Ways to Use Electric Fireplace Hearths in High-End Interior Home Design
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At one time, a fireplace was the center of the most luxurious homes. That’s no longer true today as the boundaries of design continue to push further from what we’ve always known. Today, a fireplace is often considered nothing more than a nice touch. Still, given the drawbacks of wood and gas-burning fireplaces, many are frightened to incorporate t..
26 Jan Four Benefits of Electric Fireplace Logs
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What makes a living room beautiful? What creates comfort? Often careful inclusion of curated elements that create sophistication means beauty, while attention to high quality options help define the comfort of a space. As you think about your own living room’s beauty and comfort, you’re likely looking for a refined appearance that is not only eye-c..
19 Jan How to Pick the Right Electric Fireplace Kit for Your Home
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Few things are as comforting and relaxing as sitting around a fireplace. The warmth and coziness make even the bleakest winter day seem a bit brighter. While having a fireplace can be a beautiful addition to any home, a traditional wood fireplace isn’t always the best option. Not only do they require continual maintenance, but they also simply may ..
12 Jan 6 High-End Electric Fireplace Inserts That are Perfect for Your Home
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In many situations, an electric fireplace insert makes far more sense in your home than a more traditional option. Perhaps you’re just renting your space. Maybe you’re in a small apartment, and you can’t have an open flame. No matter what the situation, electric fireplace inserts can be ideal, and given the fact that today’s best fireplace inserts ..
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